You’ve got your partner, the wedding date, and the venue. Now how do you decide who will capture  the love and laughter of your special day?

Do you base it on price? You could, but consider this first, did you pick the engagement ring just on price?
Probably not.

It was based on something that the two of you loved – and it was perfect for you. We believe wholeheartedly your photography should be the same.

The images captured at your wedding should reflect the spirit of the two of you. If you’re goofy, go for that, if you’re romantics at heart, then that’s the look for you. You want to still be madly in love with your partner and your photos years from now, don’t you?

If you’re looking for fun, candid, creative and romantic images, take a look around our site. Our passion is capturing those elusive moments of love on your first day as a married couple. Thank you!