The big day is approaching, you know your colors, you’ve booked the venue, now you need to choose the person that will capture all the memories, details and emotion from your wedding. Here’s a few things to consider when looking for the perfect photographer:

1) Are they a professional photographer or an energetic amateur?

Your wedding is the time for someone with experience, a calm nature and lots of creativity. A well-meaning relative with a new digital camera might seem enticing but may not be up to the task. Most professionals also carry backup cameras and liability insurance too.

2) Have they photographed at your venue before?

Southern California has hundreds & hundreds of wedding locations. Many of them have cozy, out-of-the-way spots for photos that might not be apparent at first. Find out if your photographer has been there or can drop by for a walk through before the event.

3) Does their style match yours?

This is very important. There are as many different styles of photography as there are photographers – make sure you like what you see! Are they traditional, creative, candid, avant-garde or something else? Now’s the time to find out, rather than the big day!

4) Check out a complete wedding that they have photographed.

Every professional has a “Greatest Hits” collection of their favorite images but you’ll need to view a single, recent wedding that they have captured to make sure they are the one for you. Did they get all the details, the guests, and the spirit of the moment? A finished wedding will tell you.

5) Will they work with your schedule & your budget?

Some studios have a “Take it or leave it” attitude when it comes to their offerings. They may not be willing to work with your schedule before the wedding or even on the day of. If you don’t feel comfortable when you talk with them, run! If you’re tight on money, ask if they can do fewer hours or save the album for later.

At Simply Perfect Images, we pride ourselves on capturing beautiful images of your wedding. With many different photographers on staff to choose from, you’re sure to find the right match for your wedding day. Call us today to set up your personal, no-obligation appointment. 1-626-421-7974