Cindy & Nick’s day was the definition of magical! Having originally met in school, Cindy said,“Within a week of first meeting him, I knew he was truly someone special and that there was something just so indescribable, magical and, right about us. At the time, I knew it was this big moment, but only later I realized that this is when, I knew he was perfect for me. We ran into each other again and decided to hang out. We spent 12 straight hours together. It was the most amazing day of my life. We talked, ate, watched videos, walked around and there was never a moment that didn’t feel perfect. Our background is so different but we had so much in common. We talked late into the night and realized just how magical it all felt. Nick agreed, “That was the night I knew, it was the night that magic brought us together. I saw the most genuine person, I had ever met and I fell in love. Little did I know, just how awesome she would turn out to be!”